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Review of Dumas’ Histoire d’un Casse Noisette, and Surprising Nuts !

Dumas is one of the best Black authors, in the Public Domain; so easy to practice a new language.

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

Once again, thank you to and reader Ezwa!  Can’t go wrong with Alexandre Dumas, pere!!

C’ettait une jollie conte pour les enfants, mais moi aussi, je l’ai bcp aimee !!

On commence avec le ‘frame’ -cet a dire, avec l’entourage de l’histoire. Ce sont les enfants qu’avaitent capture’s la personne que reconte l’histoire. Ensuite, il y avait un histore de fievre qui termine avec une marriage. Mais, cette fois ci, c’est la dame qui sauve l’homme !
Chouette !

We start with the ‘frame’ – that is to say, with the entourage of the story. The children captured the person retelling the story.   Then, there is a story of a fever that ends with a marriage.   But, this time, the lady saves the man!

“”Et qui m’aime me suivre !””
October 20, 2022 –
page 30

“et vous
savez pourquoi l’on dit maintenant d’une chose
difficile :

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Shira Destinie Jones Booth Hall Porter Faxio Mayo Manzilla West, author of the Community and 4 Freedoms blog, is a published academic and community author and an aspiring Historical Fantasy novelist. She has also been a community organizer, Voluntary Simplicity adherent, RankedChoiceVoting advocate, and educator. She is still working to build strong Public Domain social Infrastructure (#PublicDomainInfrastructure), and welcomes others to join in this work: 1.) Public Transportation, 2.) Public Libraries, 3.) ProBono Legal & Consumer Education particularly around housing issues, & 4.) Universal Health Care. She believes that our Public Domain social Infrastructure, starting with these four key parts, need to be under girded by adopting a Universal Basic Income, possibly supplemented by a Federal Jobs Guarantee. She has organized community events such as film discussions, multi-ethnic song events and cooperative presentations in her native city of Washington, DC and abroad.

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